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aesthetic design
long lasting and timeless
slow fashion

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aesthetic design
long lasting and timeless
slow fashion


Nuhn design stands for quality design, marrying function and visuals. Durable, timeless and high-quality pieces are at the core of my philosophy.


Franziska Nuhn

My name is Franziska Nuhn. In the summer of 2021, I graduated from a state-approved school for fashion design in Mannheim and am now a budding fashion designer.

My designs are inspired by organic processes and the emotions driven by interpersonal relationships. My passion for design and visual aesthetics has been a part of my identity ever since my childhood.

I am emphatic and cheerful and like to challenge myself in everything I do. I wish to reflect my sincerity and sense of humor in my designs, while my sensitivity for shapes, colors, and future trends fuels my workflow.

I want to do my part in changing the fashion industry. A change that is desperately needed – leaving Fast Fashion behind to support Circular Fashion.
During the urban fashion design festival “Krefelder Laufmasche”, my collection “the tide” has received the award “Goldene Seidenschleife” (the Gold Satin Ribbon).

In addition, I was awarded a stall at the FASHN ROOMS fair in Düsseldorf, where I will be able to display my collection. Famous designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Wolfgang Joop and Hugo Boss have received this award for sartorial excellence in the past.

Nowadays, it represents innovation and exceptionalism.It was a great honor to receive this award and to me, it confirmed that Slow Fashion is the way to go.

My concepts and designs are in line with the zeitgeist and can be combined in a myriad of different ways, further enhancing their quality and sustainability.


“the tide”

a/w 21/22

“the tide"
a/w 21/22

High Tide and Low Tide
Tid [tiːt] means “time“
“the tide” combines innovative and high-quality elements, emphasizing warm cushiness and a loving eye for details.
Comfortable yet striking silhouettes are draped to achieve a perfect mix of exciting simplicity and pensive cosiness.
Soft, supple materials, oversized cuts, and layering evoke a sense of security, thus creating loved, timeless pieces.
See lookbook

HaKa “Nebel”

a/w 21/22

HaKa “Nebel"
a/w 21/22

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s/s 21/22

s/s 21/22

See Design concept


For the realization, I often use materials from existing remaining stock. Thus, valuable resources that would otherwise be discarded get a second chance and someone’s new favorite piece of clothing is born.






Pieces by nuhn design are made to be visually pleasing, functional, and compliant with the concept of Slow Fashion.

Aesthetic Design

Minimalistic elements and precisely placed details make for a plethora of possible combinations and enable elegance that is both multifaceted and individual.


Functionality is fundamental to a good design concept. That is why every piece by nuhn design is suitable for daily use. In order to further their elegance, functionality is united with refined cuts.

Slow Fashion

…decelerates fast fashion!
Recyclable and environmentally conscious materials are chosen to foster awareness for durability, quality, and sustainability.


01 - Research

The current zeitgeist and the most up-to-date trends form the basis for my inspiration. Researching these themes enables me to visualize the theme of a new collection.

02 - Visualization

The first step is to summarize the important details that encapsulate the theme to create a mood board. Then colors and materials are chosen and sketches are created in order to find the overall shapes and style of the collection. As soon as the lineup of the looks is finished, technical details for each product group can be finalized.

03 - Realization

The realization process begins with pattern drafting and development for an optimal fit. This initial pattern is then refined until it is ready for production, where a durable, timeless, and high-quality piece of clothing is assembled.


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